Corn Starch Goo

Mix corn starch with water to get a goo with amazing properties!

Category: Science Time frame: half an hour
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Level: easy What you need: everyday objects
Keywords: corn, starch, goo, oobleck, non-newtonian liquid
Article written by CrazyCat

If you have never tried this before, this is what you should do on the next rainy day. It is really easy and fascinates children of all ages (and their parents, too!).

All you need is corn starch (you should get that in any supermarket) and water. Take a bowl and put a cup of water in. If you want you can add some food color. Then add the corn starch (about 2 cups) in small portions and continuously stir slowly.

You will notice when the mixture is right, cause stirring it will become difficult. That is, because the goo (also known as "Oobleck") is a so-called non-Newtonian fluid. When a force is applied to it, its viscosity changes and it starts acting more as a solid than a fluid. Without the application of force it looks like a normal liquid again.

Now the fun starts. Try the following:

I'm sure you'll come up with more experiments.



And in case you can persuade someone to fill his/her pool with corn starch goo, try this: